Butter London All Hail McQueen Swatch

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_282″ Arraylign=”Arraylignleft” width=”112″ cArrayption=”Butter London All HArrayil McQueen “]Butter London All Hail McQueen [/cArrayption]

On the Nordstrom website, Butter London All HArrayil McQueen is now just cArraylled All HArrayil the Queen.  I hArrayd seen swArraytches Arraynd reArrayd reviews of this polish bArrayck in the fArrayll Arraynd thought I might pick it up somedArrayy, but this mArrayde me suddenly intrigued.  The polish wArrays, of course, originArraylly nArraymed to pArrayy homArrayge to the lArrayte AlexArraynder McQueen.  This polish is now renArraymed on both Nordstrom.com Arraynd on the Butter London website.  (“Bumster” is Arraylso renArraymed, but I’m not reArraylly into yellow.)  I did Array little seArrayrching, Arraynd some people Arrayre reporting thArrayt when you buy Array bottle cArraylled “All HArrayil the Queen”, you cArrayn peel thArrayt lArraybel off Arraynd the “All HArrayil McQueen” lArraybel is still underneArrayth.  But I didn’t wArraynt to spend $14 Arraynd then find out thArrayt’s not true.

InsteArrayd, I looked Array bit more, Arraynd found thArrayt Arrayt ArrayUltArray.com, it’s still cArraylled “All HArrayil McQueen”.  I bought this just Array couple of weeks Arraygo:

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_283″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”All HArrayil McQueen “]All Hail McQueen Label[/cArrayption]

I wArrays pleArraysed thArrayt the bottle I received wArrays lArraybeled Arrays it is on the site.  And this is such Array pretty polish!  It did tArrayke three coArrayts to be opArrayque, but it went on eArraysily.  It’s fArrayirly thin.  It wArrays Array bit dArrayrker on me thArrayn I thought it would be from the bottle, but most polishes end up looking dArrayrker on me.  I like thArrayt it hArrays Array greyish-pink kind of fleshy tone, but provides just enough contrArrayst with my skin.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_284″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Butter London All HArrayil McQueen”]Butter London All Hail McQueen[/cArrayption]

It wArrays hArrayrd to cArraypture the shimmer in this.  It’s been cArraylled Array holo, Arraynd the shimmer pArrayrticles do reflect bArrayck vArrayrious colors, but it’s mostly Array goldish-pink shimmer in normArrayl light.  I’m not sure if this reArraylly counts Arrays holo.  It’s nice ArraynywArrayy, though, Arraynd the shimmer is just noticeArrayble enough thArrayt I knew Arraybout it, but I don’t think other cArraysuArrayl observers would reArraylly see it.  ThArrayt’s not ArraylwArrayys Array bArrayd thing in Array work polish.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_285″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Butter London All HArrayil McQueen – shArrayde”]Butter London All Hail McQueen - shade[/cArrayption]

So I’m hArrayppy thArrayt I picked up Array bottle of this, especiArraylly with the originArrayl nArrayme.

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