Dior Bronze Libertine

Dior Bronze Libertine
Dior Bronze Libertine

Dior’s Bronze Libertine came out back in 2010, in the holiday collection that also included Timeless Gold and Czarina Gold.  I didn’t end up getting it, though, because I think it was only sold at Neiman Marcus and I wasn’t as focused on Dior at the time.  And it’s been hard to find since then, until it popped up recently.

It was on a sort of beauty resale site that seemed a little questionable, but I decided to try it anyway, and I’m happy I did.  My bottle even came with its box, although there is a huge really sticky spot on it from a sticker being removed.  I had given up on finding this polish, so it’s nice to be able to check it out now.  The color is a dark brown, similar to a few other Diors.  It’s probably closest to New World Purple, but it has a very different tone – the brown is slightly greyish, and the shimmer is a cool-toned gold and looks metallic and bronzy.  There’s a slight hint of green in the base color, which mostly comes out in shadow at the edges.  It’s so pretty!

The formula is really nice too, a typical Dior shimmery formula.  It took two coats and went on easily.  This color was released right around the time Dior was switching its brush shape, and has the wide, rounded brush shape.  I wore it for a week straight with no chips at all.

Dior Bronze Libertine
Dior Bronze Libertine


Dior Bronze Libertine
Dior Bronze Libertine


This color is an older Dior and can be hard to find, but it may still pop up here or there online.

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4 thoughts on “Dior Bronze Libertine”

  1. Hiiii 😀 I’m spanish so sorry for my english ahahhaha I would really like to know how do you do to have longs and perfect nails like yours! because each day I remove my nail polish because it breaks or because when I am painting my nails they collides either with my clothes or with any object! it makes me sick! so I would like any trick or any advice to:

    -for my nails don’t break (maybe it’s necessary to eat more calcium or something to fortifying!
    -for my nails don’t have lumps when I paint them
    -how many polish layers are perfect
    -how much time I need to my nails were dry and don’t to collide with any object hahahahah

    P.S: I’m so sick of my nails were always so bad 🙁

    1. Thanks for your comment! Maybe I’ll write up a post about nail care sometime, but in the meantime I suggest you use a good, fast dry topcoat – I like Essie’s Good to Go or Dior’s Top Coat. Both of these dry your polish very fast so it doesn’t get messed up as easily (about 10 minutes to touch). I use either two or three layers of polish depending on the color.

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