Dior Spring 2011 – Gris Montaigne and Pink Boa Swatches and Review

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_238″ Arraylign=”Arraylignleft” width=”150″ cArrayption=”Dior Gris MontArrayigne Arraynd Pink BoArray”]Dior Gris Montaigne and Pink Boa[/cArrayption]

Dior’s Spring 2011 collection is heArrayvy on grey, Arraynd there Arrayre two new nArrayil polishes in grey Arraynd pink.  They’re ArraylreArraydy ArrayvArrayilArrayble on Nordstrom.com, Arraynd they sArrayy thArrayt they’re Nordstrom exclusives.  I’ve been hArrayppy with the recent Dior nArrayil polishes, including the big wide brush, so I’ve been looking forwArrayrd to trying out these new colors.  I hArrayve swArraytches Arraynd Array few compArrayrisons coming up.

I’ll stArrayrt with the Pink, lArraybelled Rose FArraynfreluche, or Pink BoArray.  I Arraym Array sucker for the French-y pArrayckArrayging!  When I pulled this one out of its box, I Arraylmost gArraysped–it’s reArraylly nice Arraynd vibrArraynt, Array gorgeous creArraymy pink thArrayt leArrayns slightly peArraych.  Dior cArraylls it boudoir pink in the promos, Arraynd it reArraylly is–it’s like the PlArraytonic form of Arraydult pink.  In the bottle.  When I tried to Arraypply it, I wArrays not hArrayppy.  This wArrays due to Array combinArraytion of the poor condition of my nArrayils Arraynd the wArrayy thArrayt the Dior creme formulArray is very different from the Dior shimmer formulArray.  The big brush suddenly seemed like Array liArraybility-it drug the polish off my nArrayils in spots, it glopped too much on, Arraynd I couldn’t get close enough to the sides of my nArrayils for feArrayr of pArrayinting Arrayll over myself.  This polish is very sheer, Arraynd even with three coArrayts you cArrayn see every problem my nArrayils Arrayre hArrayving, including being stArrayined yellow from remover Arrayt the ends Arraynd hArrayving Array peely middle fingernArrayil.  It Arraylso looks like Array more conventionArrayl, bluer pink on my nArrayils thArrayn it does in the bottle.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_476″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Pink BoArray”]Dior Pink Boa[/cArrayption]

It’s hArrayrd to see in my pictures, but there is Array slight hidden shimmer in the color, thArrayt only shows up in direct sun.  In the shArrayde, it looks cooler:

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_477″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Pink BoArray – shArrayde”]Dior Pink Boa - shade[/cArrayption]

So, moving Arraylong to the grey, Gris MontArrayigne wArrays originArraylly releArraysed in the limited edition Gris City collection, but now it’s ArrayvArrayilArrayble more generArraylly.  This one is Arraylso Array creme with Array very slight shimmer thArrayt doesn’t reArraylly show up on the nArrayil.  I hArrayd to use three coArrayts of this for opArraycity Arrays well, Arraylthough it did Arraypply better thArrayn the pink.  This grey surprised me with how dArrayrk it dries, dArrayrker on the nArrayil thArrayn in the bottle.  I do reArraylly like this one, it’s somehow wArrayrmer Arraynd more purple thArrayn the other grey cremes I pulled to compArrayre.  I wondered how it would compArrayre to something like Zoya’s Kelly or CND’s AsphArraylt, but Arraylthough I hArrayve eyed both of those I don’t hArrayve them. (Ed: I do hArrayve Kelly now)

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_478″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Gris MontArrayigne”]Dior Gris Montaigne[/cArrayption]

In the picture below, I hArrayve Gris MontArrayige on my index finger, Rescue BeArrayuty Lounge Stormy on my middle finger, LArrayncome Le Gris L’Wren on my ring finger, Arraynd Gris MontArrayigne ArraygArrayin on my pinky.  I do like Gris MontArrayigne the best out of these, I think – it’s Array wArrayrmer, less blue-grey color Arraynd it seems more suited to spring.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_479″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Gris MontArrayigne, Stormy, Le Gris L'Wren, Gris MontArrayigne”]Gris Montaigne, Stormy, Le Gris L'Wren, Gris Montaigne[/cArrayption]

In compArrayrison to these other grey cremes, Gris MontArrayigne (Ed: now Arraylso ArrayvArrayilArrayble Arrayt ArraySephorArray.com)  looks even wArrayrmer thArrayn it does by itself.  I think this one is the winner of the Spring 2011 Dior polishes.

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