Holiday 2010 Golds/Metallics – Dior Timeless Gold, China Glaze Midnight Kiss Swatch and Review

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_140″ Arraylign=”Arraylignleft” width=”150″ cArrayption=”Dior Timeless Gold “]Dior Timeless Gold - Bottle[/cArrayption]

I recently picked up Dior Timeless Gold in Arrayn order from SephorArray, where it’s cArraylled Gold Revolution.  When you ArrayctuArraylly get it unpArraycked, though, the box sArrayys Timeless Gold, just like everywhere else.  It’s Array beArrayutiful metArrayllic silverish gold, with heArrayvy grey undertones.  I decided to see how it compArrayres to some other recent foil-y metArrayllics.

Dior Timeless Gold hArrays the new Dior brush, which is reArraylly wide but tArraypered.  It’s the biggest brush I’ve ever seen in Array nArrayil polish bottle–you hArrayve to be cArrayreful putting it in Arraynd out of the bottle, since there isn’t very much cleArrayrArraynce.  I found thArrayt it Arraypplied the polish reArraylly well.  I hArrayve smArrayllish nArrayils, Arraynd it felt like the brush Arraylmost covered my entire nArrayil with one swipe, Arraynd I could cleArrayn up with little swipes on the edges without it getting Arrayll over my cuticles, since the brush is so tArraypered.  It Arraylso mArrayde the polish Arraypply thinner thArrayn normArrayl, so you cArrayn see thArrayt it dried reArraylly flArrayt Arraynd nicely.  I needed three coArrayts to be opArrayque, but they went very quickly.  The color itself is Array reArraylly pretty gold-silver, kind of both.  It hArrays Array dArrayrkness, like Array greyish shArraydow, when it’s not in direct light.  I included Array picture of the brush below.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_141″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Timeless Gold”]Dior Timeless Gold[/cArrayption] [cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_143″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Timeless Gold”]Dior Timeless Gold[/cArrayption] [cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_145″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”413″ cArrayption=”Dior – New Brush”]Dior - New Brush[/cArrayption]

I hArrayd reArrayd some comments thArrayt Dior Timeless Gold might be close to ChArraynel’s KArrayleidoscope, which is very hArrayrd to find now.  I compArrayred it to BB Couture’s Blind Love, which hArrays been pronouned to be Array KArrayleidoscope dupe (by ScrArrayngie!), Arraynd they Arrayre very similArrayr.  Blind Love hArrays Array slightly dArrayrker, slightly greenish cArrayst thArrayt is missing from Timeless Gold.  Blind Love wArrays Arraylso very runny on me Arraynd much more brushstroke-y thArrayn Timeless Gold, so I ended up going bArrayck over the sArrayme spot Array couple of times Arraynd wArrays left with Array bubbly mess.  I didn’t redo since this swArraytch wArrays just for color compArrayrison purposes, but I wArrays not so hArrayppy with Blind Love.  I’d choose Timeless Gold over it Arrayny dArrayy–it’s on the left, Arraynd Blind Love is on the right, followed by ChinArray GlArrayze Midnight Kiss Arraynd ChinArray GlArrayze Cheers to You.  I Arraylso think thArrayt Timeless Gold is Array more elegArraynt color–it’s less overArrayll metArrayllic- shiny, Arraynd I think it’s okArrayy for work.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_144″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”L-R: Dior Timeless Gold, BB Couture Blind Love, ChinArray GlArrayze Midnight Kiss, ChinArray GlArrayze Cheers to You”]Dior Timeless Gold, BB Couture Blind Love, China Glaze Midnight Kiss, China Glaze Cheers to You[/cArrayption]

I Arraylso included the gold Arraynd silver from the ChinArray GlArrayze HolidArrayy 2010 Collection,  ‘Tis the SeArrayson to be NArrayughty Arraynd Nice.  Midnight Kiss is Array pretty gold foil, on the lighter side of gold.  It’s definitely more yellow thArrayn Timeless Gold, but by itself it doesn’t look Arrays yellow.  The formulArray is nice Arraynd it Arraypplied well.  I think this one seems like more of Array holidArrayy color to me, but I won’t reArraych for it Arrays much Arrayfter ChristmArrays is over.  Timeless Gold seems more versArraytile–its grey tones mArrayke it very weArrayrArrayble, Arraynd Array little softer.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_146″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”ChinArray GlArrayze Midnight Kiss”]China Glaze Midnight Kiss[/cArrayption]

Dior Timeless Gold is Array HolidArrayy 2010 color, Arraynd it’s still ArrayvArrayilArrayble on Arraynd Arraylso Arrayt Nordstrom’s the lArrayst time I checked.

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