OPI Skyfall Collection You Only Live Twice w/ Dior Icy Dew: Red and White Manicure

OPI You Only Live Twice w: Dior Icy Dew
OPI You Only Live Twice w/ Dior Icy Dew

I’ve never really been into the “accent nail” thing, but I saw a picture of an Anne Hathaway manicure that somehow got me, and for Thanksgiving I tried my own version with OPI’s new You Only Live Twice and Dior’s Icy Dew.

Anne Hathaway’s nails recently turned up on my favorite gossip website, Lainey Gossip.  In this post you can clearly see that Anne Hathaway has what seem to be creme red nails with a white accent nail, with an all black outfit.  At first I was like, ‘what is going on with those fingernails?  It’s so weird, with a black outfit.’  But as these things so often go, I kept thinking about it and before too long the ‘weird, ew’, turned into, ‘how can I do/get that’?  Has anyone else had this happen?  I am finding that initial distaste is somehow often something that turns to fascination for me now.

So, I tried my own more sparkly version for my Thanksgiving nails using OPI’s You Only Live Twice.  This color is really gorgeous, maybe my favorite of the Skyfall Collection reds, which have all been really nice.  You Only Live Twice is a pinkish/fuchsia red, with a really sparkly finish.  Other swatches have shown that it’s very close to Meep! Meep! Meep! from OPI’s Muppets Collection from last Christmas.  However, others have written that the sparkle in Meep! Meep! Meep! was close to the Pepe’s Purple Passion sparkle, a lumpy nightmare that I really hated.  So I thought that You Only Live Twice was worth picking up, since it has such a classic, pinkish sparkle but also dries really smoothly.  The formula was great and took only two coats for this opacity, and dried quickly.  I really like how sparkly it is.

For my white accent I used Dior’s Icy Dew, since I wanted the white to also have a sparkle.  I like the way that the finishes are at least similar between the two different colors.  Icy Dew took four coats to get to this opacity, but it still dried quickly enough that it wasn’t a problem.

OPI You Only Live Twice w: Dior Icy Dew
OPI You Only Live Twice w/ Dior Icy Dew


OPI You Only Live Twice w: Dior Icy Dew
OPI You Only Live Twice w/ Dior Icy Dew


I think that the white ring finger nail appealed to me because it kind of changes the way the finger length looks – it makes the ring finger look longer.  I think I read somewhere that women have longer ring fingers than men, so it’s a mark of femininity?  I like this, anyway.  I like that it’s pretty and still symmetrical, since I did both ring fingers in Icy Dew.

OPI’s You Only Live Twice is available with the rest of the Skyfall Collection now.

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2 thoughts on “OPI Skyfall Collection You Only Live Twice w/ Dior Icy Dew: Red and White Manicure”

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad things have settled down sufficiently with the new baby so that you can blog again. I’ve always enjoyed your pictures and what you write.

    I’m awful at nail art and all that. Even my accent nails are awful. I’m more of a purist and I just love the color…I’ve never been able to paint so nail art still petrifies me.

    1. Thanks so much! For this comment, and for all of your kind comments! I appreciate it, and I’ve always really enjoyed your comments, too!

      I like color most and I hadn’t really tried at nail art, either, until I had some time away from my office-y job. I’m sure that your accent nails are better than you’re letting on! With all of the nice polish you clearly have, the accent nails can kind of take care of themselves.

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