Dior Rose Trianon / Pink Aristocrat (No. 386)

Dior Pink Aristocrat
Dior Pink Aristrocrat

This Dior polish was available until recently on the Dior website, and it’s still fairly easy to find online.  It’s another one of those polishes that are seemingly called something different for the U.S. market, although the packaging calls it Rose Trianon.

The name seems most likely to me to be a reference to the pinkish color of the red marble used to build the Grand Trianon Castle near Versailles.  It was built as a retreat for Louis XIV, and is surrounded by a park that also includes the Petit Trianon, which was given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI.  It’s now a presidential palace and is sometimes used to host foreign dignitaries visiting France.  I think that just calling this polish “Aristocrat Pink” is sort of lacking in comparison.  Rose Trianon is so much more worldly and romantic.

It’s a very muted, soft pink that has a bit of purple in it, and can come off almost like a nude on my skin.  It has heavy, silvery shimmer that catches the light well.  Rose Trianon also has a really nice formula and was easy to control, and took only two coats to be opaque.  It’s so pretty and refined!  I really enjoyed wearing it.  Also, these pictures were taken at the very end of about seven days of wear, since it’s hard for me to get good pictures during the work week.  No touch-ups in between or anything.  So you can see that it lasts well, and even had very little tipwear.

Dior Pink Aristocrat
Dior Pink Aristocrat

This picture captures what it looks like in everyday wear even better – the shimmer is so pretty and makes the color more lively.

Dior Pink Aristocrat
Dior Pink Aristocrat


I love this pink; it’s so elegant and just pretty.  The slight dusty or purple tone makes it a good pink for neutral or cooler skin tones.  It’s now saying “momentarily unavailable” on the Dior website, but it can still be found online at a few etailers.



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