New Baby = No Time for Fingernail Polish

Just stopping by for a quick post since it has been so long since I’ve written anything.  I have a new baby!  Which is why I haven’t posted any polish pictures in a really long time now.  I’ve found out that new babies don’t even really allow time for showers, much less fingernail polish.

So I’ll be posting much less for the foreseeable future, although I’m going to try to not let the blog die entirely.  I haven’t been wearing much fingernail polish, and I haven’t been taking any pictures, but (perhaps unfortunately) it’s not stopping me from purchasing new fingernail polish.  The Dior collection for fall is so pretty!  And the Les Violets Hypnotiques are so interesting, and finally available on Nordstrom and even  I snapped them up and stashed them for now.  I’ll do posts when I can, and probably be trying and wearing new polish even when I can’t get around to posting pictures.

Thanks for reading, as always!

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2 thoughts on “New Baby = No Time for Fingernail Polish”

  1. Congratulations! no rush to update, looking forward to seeing stash additions when your “schedule” allows! 🙂

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