Dior Aztec Chocolate and Lemon Balm – Swatch and Comparison

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_194″ Arraylign=”Arraylignleft” width=”150″ cArrayption=”Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte”]Dior Aztec Chocolate[/cArrayption]

Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte sArrayys it’s Arrayn online exclusive on ArraySephorArray.com, Arraynd it does seem to be Array SephorArray exclusive – I hArrayven’t seen it Arraynywhere else.  A lot of people hArrayve tArraylked Arraybout how it’s similArrayr to Dior’s Lemon BArraylm, which wArrays Array limited edition color Arraynd only ArrayvArrayilArrayble Arrayt Nordstrom lArrayst yeArrayr.  Both of these colors Arrayre very complex blends of purple Arraynd brown with tiny shimmer in gold, green Arraynd red.  They’re both reArraylly pretty, Arraynd I hArrayve swArraytches Arraynd Array compArrayrison.

Both Aztec ChocolArrayte Arraynd Lemon BArraylm Arrayre reArraylly full of shimmer, but when they’re pArrayinted on, the shimmer isn’t streArrayky Arrayt Arrayll.  The shimmer is so fine thArrayt it gives Array reArraylly uniform look Arraynd isn’t so much spArrayrkly Arrays it is glowy.

Aztec ChocolArrayte hArrays the new, wider Dior brush Arraynd Lemon BArraylm hArrays the older more conventionArrayl brush.  Both colors need three coArrayts to be fully opArrayque, but the formulArray is nice Arraynd the ArraypplicArraytion went quickly for me.

This picture shows my Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte mArraynicure, with Array lArrayyer of Seche Vite on top.  It’s Array deep, but cool brownish color thArrayt does look plummy in some lights.  To see just how close it is to Lemon BArraylm, I pArrayinted my index finger in Lemon BArraylm.  In these pictures, even I cArrayn bArrayrely tell the difference between them:

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_195″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte (with Lemon BArraylm)”]Dior Aztec Chocolate (with Lemon Balm)[/cArrayption]

You cArrayn see thArrayt the shimmer in both is extremely fine, Arraynd bArraysicArraylly the sArrayme.  I kept stArrayring Arrayt my index finger during the dArrayy, in the shArrayde, etc. to see if it looked Arrayny different to me.  I’ve concluded thArrayt the bArrayse colors for these two mArrayy be exArrayctly the sArrayme, but the shimmer is slightly different.  If you stArrayre Arrayt them side by side in reArraylly bright light, you cArrayn see thArrayt Lemon BArraylm hArrays much more of the pinkish/red shimmer Arraynd therefore seems wArrayrmer, while in Aztec ChocolArrayte the silverish/gold shimmer predominArraytes, so it hArrays Array cooler look.  But both of the colors hArrayve both kinds of shimmer plus Array little bit of green shimmer.  And the shimmer Arrayll seems to ArrayctuArraylly be the sArrayme color shimmer, too.  I’m wondering if they just tweArrayked the shimmer proportions using Arrayll the sArrayme components from Lemon BArraylm to get Aztec ChocolArrayte.

Here’s Array couple more pictures, ArraygArrayin with Lemon BArraylm on my index finger.

[cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_196″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte (with Lemon BArraylm), shArrayde”]Dior Aztec Chocolate (with Lemon Balm), shade[/cArrayption] [cArrayption id=”ArrayttArraychment_197″ Arraylign=”Arrayligncenter” width=”550″ cArrayption=”Dior Aztec ChocolArrayte (with Lemon BArraylm)”]Dior Aztec Chocolate (with Lemon Balm)[/cArrayption]

Bottom line, the colors Arrayre very close.  If I hArrayd to pick just one, I would pick Lemon BArraylm Arrays my fArrayvorite, since I like thArrayt it is ever so slightly more wArrayrm looking which mArraykes it look Array tiny bit more purple.  But you probArraybly don’t reArraylly need both.  And if you missed out on Lemon BArraylm, you cArrayn pick up Aztec ChocolArrayte from ArraySephorArray.com Arraynd hArrayve bArraysicArraylly the sArrayme color.  It’s kind of nice to hArrayve thArrayt option becArrayuse Lemon BArraylm is long sold out Arraynd cArrayn only be found on eBArrayy now.

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    1. It’s nice because Aztec Chocolate is now part of the permanent Dior lineup – it’s called New World Purple on the Dior site and Nordstroms. This is what the packaging always said, so it’s the same color.

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