Essie Mochacino – Swatch and Review

Essie Mochachino
Essie Mochacino

Here’s one more of the retail exclusive Essies – Mochacino is a nice greyish brown with what appears to be the same thick shimmer as Essie’s Smooth Sailing (from Summer 2011).  I liked the sparkle/shimmer in Smooth Sailing so much that I decided to pick this one up based on that shimmer alone.

I had passed over Mochacino a few times when I was first focused on the retail exclusive Essies since I thought I had so many similar, taupey colors, but now that I’ve been really liking the shimmer in Smooth Sailing (reviewed here) I decided to give it a chance.  Mochacino is a medium greyish brown, full of that sort of silvery shimmer that can suddenly flash pink and green.  The shimmer lightens the color a bit, and makes it look more grey, especially in the sun.

The base is a bit sheer, so I had to use three coats for the picture.  I think that the base has to be slightly sheerer than usual to let the shimmer show through well, though, so I don’t mind it.  For reference, Smooth Sailing has the same slightly sheer base feeling.  After three coats it’s opaque, and as always, I like the small Essie brush that is just stiff enough to hold its shape and easily direct the polish on the nail.   In the picture you can see the heavy shimmery look that Mochacino takes on in the sun – the shimmer makes it unique among the similar colors I have.  It’s somehow a bit flashy and velvety, even though the color is so basic.

Essie Mochacino
Essie Mochacino


In less direct light it looks a bit darker, but the shimmer still stands out.

Essie Mochacino
Essie Mochacino


This is a nice color for work, since the shimmer is still fairly subtle.  I also really like the spelling of the name!  It’s a proper Italian way to treat the ‘ch’ and ‘c’, it kind of reminds me of little coffee shops and then I start imagining Rome.  So that’s a plus.  It’s also fitting for this color, with its dark , muted grey undertones that are a bit like a creamy coffee drink.  Not all of the retail Essie displays have a space for this color, you’ll need to find it in one of the larger displays.  I found mine at Target.

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2 thoughts on “Essie Mochacino – Swatch and Review”

  1. I wonder how Mochacino compares to Orly Nite Owl? I don’t own Mochacino but I do have Nite Owl, and from what I can see I think the base in Nite Owl is a bit warmer and that the shimmer is in bigger pieces. I’m stoked to see some comparison pictures popping up in the future.
    I think Essie did well with the retail exclusive shades, I have 5 or 6 of them and I have really enjoyed the ones I’ve worn so far- Dive Bar was a total win for me and I love Trophy Wife. I find this one gorgeous as well, very “fall” to me.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hmm, I don’t have Orly Nite Owl so I can’t compare. But I agree that the Essie retail exclusive shades are really nice, I’ve liked the ones I’ve tried, too! Master Plan is another nice one that’s very similar to Deborah Lippmann’s Waking Up In Vegas.

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