Essie Brand New Bag Update – Retail-Packaged Very Structured and Glamour Purse

Essie Very Structured, Glamour Purse
Essie Very Structured, Glamour Purse

The other day I visited my most likely Walgreens candidate for full Essie collections, and found a huge display of every color from Essie’s new Brand New Bag Collection.  There were four bottles of each color, it felt just like a salon display.  I knew it!

When I first reviewed the Brand New Bag collection, I could only collect four of the six polishes from drugstores (reviewed here and here), so I ordered the other two online.  The two less widely distributed colors are Very Structured and Glamour purse, which I reviewed here.  But as I mentioned, I was pretty much expecting that the other two would pop up in a Walgreens someday.  And here they are:


Essie Retail - Very Structured, Glamour Purse
Essie Retail - Very Structured, Glamour Purse


I know it’s kind of nerdy to be so excited about a little sticker on the cap and a plastic-y label, but I wanted to share in case anyone else is looking for these colors and trying to decide whether to wait it out or haul off and order them online.  They do exist in at least some Walgreens, and I would bet that the larger displays will become more widespread as we get into fall.  Another shot:

Essie Very Structured, Glamour Purse
Essie Very Structured, Glamour Purse


Someone at that particular Walgreens must do a good job with the cosmetics ordering.  I wonder how it happens-do they have some younger-than-usual woman appointed manager of that area, and she gets to check a box for the bigger Essie display because she likes fingernail polish?  Does that store have a larger than average cosmetics budget since it’s in a fairly upscale and highly trafficked area, so they just get bigger shipments of whatever’s being sent out?

Who knows.  In other Essie news, I saw Rock Candy and Mint Candy Apple in retail packaging at Target.  Mint Candy Apple is so pretty!  Definitely worth a look if you come across it while buying paper towels.

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2 thoughts on “Essie Brand New Bag Update – Retail-Packaged Very Structured and Glamour Purse”

  1. So I just reviewed Very Structured, and for some reason mine looks very different than yours. Even the packaging is different. I picked mine up at ULTA, but I have never seen the non-molded Essie bottles. I also live in the south. I wonder if it’s a regional thing or a Walgreens thing.

    1. Hi! Actually, the bottles pictured have a molded “Essie” on their other two sides. The bottles look different because I bought them at Walgreens, as I stated in the post. I’ve written about the difference in packaging a lot on this blog–the Essies sold at retail stores like Walgreens and Target have different packaging, including the sticker with the white “Essie” on the front, than Essies sold at salons like Ulta. Please check my other post here, where I swatched the salon versions of these colors, because I couldn’t wait for them to show up at Walgreens!

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